Manila Doctors Hospital

Manila Doctors Hospital You may visit Manila Doctors Hospital HRD 2nd Floor (Monday to Friday, 8am to 12nn) Bring the following requirements: Resume Transcript of Records (photocopy) Diploma (photocopy) Board Rating (photocopy) PRC License (photocopy) 1 pc 2×2 picture (any background) (put your requirements in a folder and enclose in a long brown envelope; write […]

Nurse Germz
This blog is definitely my real-life career journey that started way back 2011, the same year I became a Registered Nurse in the Philippines. All throughout I've been shifting jobs from time to time being a nurse and an online job worker. My big break came when I've finally decided to specialize in Nephrology Nursing. Now, I am certified in my field, in charge of a Hemodialysis unit and at the same time, a USRN holder.

A Day in the Life of Nephrology Nurse | Philippines

Nurse Germz