All The Mark Klimek Notes for NCLEX You Need

I bet there is no nurse out there who doesn’t know or heard about Mark Klimek. And let me guess you’re reading this page because most probably you will be taking NCLEX anytime soon. So without further ado, here are all the Mark Klimek notes you need for NCLEX.

By the way, Mark Klimek is an expert nurse and communicator who has been providing state board (NCLEX) Reviews for more than 25 years. He focuses on what is essential to know, is able to explain difficult concepts with clarity and creativity, and teaches strategies for test-taking.

Mark Klimek Lectures

Mark Klimek Review includes approximately 18 hours of lecture over a 3 day session that is designed for both the RN and LPN and comes with two books: a Lecture Outline Review for taking notes during the Review class also known as the yellow book, and Mark’s NCLEX Review Book of Questions and Answers which is the blue book.

You can download below Mark Klimek blue book and yellow book straight from my dropbox.

Mark Klimek Blue Book pdf – this is very helpful when you listen to Mark Klimek audios.
Mark Klimek Yellow Book pdf – these are informative facts that help you master NCLEX.

Mark Klimek Audio

As for his proper lectures, below are the links where you can find them.

1 Mark Klimek mp3
2 Mark Klimek mp3
3 Mark Klimek mp3
4 Mark Klimek mp3
5 Mark Klimek mp3
6 Mark Klimek mp3
7 Mark Klimek mp3
8 Mark Klimek mp3
9 Mark Klimek mp3
10 Mark Klimek mp3
11 Mark Klimek mp3
12 Mark Klimek mp3

God bless on your NCLEX

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