Enjoying Summer Through Kuya Fish Campaign Summer Tide Tutorial

Yesterday was my first day of Kuya Fish Campaign “Summer Tide” tutorial.


Kuya Fish Campaign

Although, we were assigned to a group of students, unintentionally I was having a one-on-one math tutorial session to a 5-year-old kid who knows how to count but only up to 5 and gets distracted from 6 to 10; who knows how to write the numbers 1-10 but couldn’t recognize any once I randomly point a number from what he’d written and who knows how to add since he can answer 1+1 and 2+2 but then was obviously guessing by the time he answered 8 for a 3+3 question.

Kuya Fish Campaign

I mean how can I actually teach basic math when this kid is having a hard time counting and recognizing numbers written on his notebook?

So we started… Could you imagine? He finally was able to count straight from 1 to 10.

Kuya Fish Campaign

Then, we repeated… Unfortunately, he was back once again to distractions and worse, completely counting his 5 fingers and ending up to number 4 only? (which he hurriedly counted his last two fingers as one.haha)

I can’t really describe it as a “laugh” but I’m amused because as much as my patience had almost ran out for the numerous failed attempts, the joy was more than enough to refuel it everytime he succeeded on counting straight.

Kuya Fish Campaign

Kuya Fish Campaign

…And I have to admit, the desire to help Jay2 was not coming from the fact that I am educated but from the very awareness that I know how it will feel to be not.


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