Looking back 2011 before Welcoming 2012

Nurse GermzIt’s always good to look back at your past so you’ll know if there is a need to change, improve or maintain things. I’ll start.


RN Heals 1

– got too excited to finally apply for a real job but ended not really the way I wanted for a reason that I am not officially nurse yet. Better luck next time.

Febraury 19

I became officially a Registered Nurse

-The moment of waiting had finally ended as I found my name on the list of Dec 2011 NLE Results.

March 6

Birth of Wholesale CDO

(my online shop)
– because I needed money so I figured out things how to earn then.

April 24

Cebu: Job Hunting

– I did not find a job at CDO so might as well look for one at another place.

May 9

Substitute School Nurse

– The best opportunity to experience a 5 day pay job.


Volunteer Nurse


House Bill 5641: An Act Prohibiting the Exploitative “Volunteerism” of Nurses

– no need for explanation

Oct 26

Got my Online Job


RN Heals 2

– Too bad, I was not able to know about it.


RN Heals 3

– Application currently going on

Whew! Never did I expect, most of my experiences were nursing related. Does this mean 2012 will already be about all and real experiences?

Looking forward to it.

Happy New Year Nurses!

Author: nursegermz

17 Responses to “Looking back 2011 before Welcoming 2012”

  1. rizza

    Feb 20. 2012

    congrats fellow nurse> nice to read your experiences last year, hope you’ll have a better one this time. i’m also wishing the same for me 🙂 goodluck!

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  2. Rochelle Caparas

    Jan 03. 2012

    Great things are yet to come! happy New Year Nurse Gem 🙂 <3

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  3. Nickie Wang

    Jan 03. 2012

    Wow! Talk about the highlights of the year that was! Congratulations =) [I think this is a repost, please delete if it is]

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  4. Nickie Wang

    Jan 03. 2012

    Wow! Talk about the highlights of the year that was! Congratulations =)

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  5. Yuu Ki

    Jan 03. 2012

    happy new year!!! hope u get chosen this time…

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  6. Karla

    Jan 02. 2012

    Happy New Year Germz! ^__^ I admire your love for our profession. I am also a nurse too, passed last June 2009 but haven’t experienced volunteering or working yet. 🙁 I can see your passion and I know you will go far. You are also working online din pala. It’s really hard to choose which path right? But my advice to you is just do what you love. 🙂 They say that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

    Take care! ^_^ Will be back again to your blog. 🙂

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  7. congrats on your accomplishments last year… hope this year brings you more rewards on those great things that you will do…

    continue to blog passionately!

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