Chong Hua Hospital Is Once Again Hiring Registered Nurses

Chong Hua Hospital is once again hiring registered nursesCHONG HUA HOSPITAL as the leading fully-integrated tertiary health care facility serving the Visayas and Mindanao region, having received the Joint Commission International (JCI) stamp of approval, accredited to adhere to world-class healthcare quality and patient safety standards is once again hiring Registered Nurses. An opportunity you should not let pass as you will each receive training and experience aligned to JCI standards to equip you in providing best-in-class healthcare, taking your career to new levels of professionalism and excellence.[Chong Hua/Carreers]

Below is the List of Requirements for Nursing Position at Chong Hua Hospital

  • 3pcs 2×2 picture (white background)
  • 3pcs 1×1 picture (white background)

2 xerox copies of the following and segregate

  1. Signed application letter addressed to:

    Ms. Miren Amale Mendezona-Jopson, MS App, Psych, MA, Ed.
    Human Resource Director
    Chong Hua Hospital, Fuente Osmena, Cebu City 6000

  2. Comprehensive resume
  3. Credential certification from the Dean addressed to the Chong Hua Hospital Human Resource Director (must be sent via registered mail whith school/university as the sender)

    NOTE: Credential verification form will be provided to the applicant once hired

  4. PRC License (if not yet available, claim slip will do)
  5. City Health Card (secure from CITY HEALTH)
  6. PNA Card
  7. SSS ID/E-1/E-4
  8. TIN No. (If w/ previous employer within the current year, submit Form 2316)
  9. Philhealth ID/MDR (if employed or with previous employer)
  10. Certificate/s of previous employer (if applicable)
  11. Community tax (cedula)
  12. Professional tax receipt (PTR)
  13. Transcript of Records
  14. Related Learning Experience (RLE)
  15. Board rating
  16. Board certificate
  17. College diploma
  18. Nbi clearance
  19. Birth certificate
  20. Home sketch (use white, short size bond paper)
  21. Marriage contract (if applicable)

For any concerns, please contact 255-8000 local 7444 / 7049


Author: Germeline Nabua

13 Responses to “Chong Hua Hospital Is Once Again Hiring Registered Nurses”

  1. chkRN

    Nov 15. 2016

    kinsa ani bag.o lang ngsubmit ug application sa chong hua..?nagsugod nba cla panawag.?

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  2. revake18

    Oct 17. 2016


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  3. Tamui

    May 30. 2013

    If ever mgsugod na ang screening sa chh, unsay sequence na? Exam, interview or interview nya exam????

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  4. xeen

    Apr 21. 2013

    ako, wala pa. nanawag pa ba sila hangtod ron? o humana ilang hiring?

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  5. swiss

    Mar 16. 2013

    hey everyone.. plse anser me….. id already passed my resume to CHH, how will i know if they will hire me or not? i hand it to the Hr department a week ago. im just curious if they will be nforming u wether u are hired or not…

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  6. apple

    Feb 28. 2013

    on hiring pa sila?

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  7. japsRN

    Feb 18. 2013

    Hi! For the information of everyone, I just inquired actually at CDU Nursing Office today and I was told that they do not accept graduates outside of Cebu. unfortunately, yes. On the other hand, I also inquired at Chong Hua through phone call as well and I learned that they are still accepting applications for staff nurses. They will be hiring probably by April according to the HR officer that I spoke with. If you’re not from and in Cebu, you can ask your friend to submit your applications for you just in my case. The good thing is they do not discriminate grdauates from other schools outside Cebu. I haven’t asked if they have preference over academic standing or board rating but considering that there are a lot of RNs vying for the limited spot, then it might be taken into consideration (at least from my opinion). I also haven’t asked if its for empoyment or for training. Does anyone of you have an idea if Chong Hua offers employment right away? Thanks

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    • Melcah Barrientos

      Mar 01. 2013

      at CHH, we do not have nurse trainees..what we have is direct employment in which you go through certain phases such as, 1month didactics training(sit-in discussions of policies and procedures) , then 1month orientation phase(hands-on training) then 6months probationary then regularization if you surpass the evaluation and exams..

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      • xeen

        Apr 21. 2013

        i already passed my requirements last march and still haven’t heard from CHH yet. Is there still a chance that they’ll call?

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  8. johanna nabua

    Feb 13. 2013

    elooow is the institution still accepts applicants?? for this month?

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  9. shenna may ungon

    Feb 05. 2013

    still hiring for the month of feb?

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  10. virlyne

    Oct 02. 2012

    is there a requirement c d board rating? when is the start of passing the application?? and wer to pass? thank toy :0

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