12/16: Light Drizzle turned to Darkness in CDO

9am: The Day started normally with just the bright sun. As I was heading to the mall, sky started to drizzle lightly, just lightly.

12nn: Light drizzle slowly turned into a heavy continuous rain. Though I am inside the mall, I received texts and read updates from the internet.

6pm: While going home, there is no change of weather, still the same heavy and continuous rain.

8pm: My friends and I decided to stop by at a place to eat dinner. We were stranded for a couple of hours there until the lights went out.

9pm: Transferred to a different place and witnessed the sudden shift and changes of the rain with the strong winds worsening it.


The whole city was in total darkness. No light, only from commercial buildings due to their generators. Trees fell on the ground and leaves were scattering all over.

But as ironic as it can be, a lot of people were still on the road finding the right place they were supposed to be. They were heading to the nearest Barangay halls as evacuation centers.

The other side of the road going south was all the same. At the bridge, a lot of people were at the rails to witness the great flood. The others stayed under the overpass to protect themselves from the rain. And there were hundreds of them occupying the place.

As we reached at Lim KetKai Mall, the flat ground turned into a wide swimming pool. We could not get through and even as we try to, the level of the flood was too high already we couldn’t afford to risk.

Taking a detour, we witnessed another side again of the road. We were saddened by the news from the radio as we headed forward. That people were actually at their houses’ roof to avoid from getting drowned.

Good thing, there were a lot of Good Samaritans roaming around even at the dawn to save lives. We saw a car from the other side. Behind it was a speed boat tightly fastened at its back. That would really be a great help!

10 hours ago, I posted this.

“the storm last night gave everyone a big pause and a time to reflect. hundreds of kagay.anons died due to floods in some areas. let us pray for their souls. i myself have witnessed the people evacuating and stranded at the road homeless especially for this Christmas. Let us pray for everyone.”


Author: nursegermz

19 Responses to “12/16: Light Drizzle turned to Darkness in CDO”

  1. Rochelle

    Dec 21. 2011

    praying for the fast recovery

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  2. Shirgie Scf

    Dec 20. 2011

    Watching this whole Sendong stories on News is very depressing, but reading this from somebody who experienced the disaster is a burden. Thank God you are still safe and alive.

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  3. chrisair

    Dec 20. 2011

    I prayed so hard that we can move on after this though it is not easy especially for those who lost their love ones

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  4. Gil Camporazo

    Dec 20. 2011

    That’s fateful Friday, Dec. 16. Typhoon Washi a.k.a Sendong getting entry to the PH territory, and as its center wind strength intensifies, heavy downpour sets in. CDO’s place dramatically flooded, making the people to go atop of their respective houses to escape from possible drowning. No one could control or stop Sendong’s wrath while raving the entire place of CDO, Iligan and part of Dumaguete, Negros Oriental.

    It’s gruesome to see kids, men and women sprawling on the ground lifeless. What can we do then?

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  5. jhackie

    Dec 20. 2011

    Hope my prayers would help. Sorry for that . I know how you feel right now. Always hold on to the Lord . have faith. God bless

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  6. sarj

    Dec 20. 2011

    praying for the people’s safety and food

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  7. thanks for this post, i’ve been so busy these past few days and no time to watch tv or read news, kagabi ko lang nakita kung ano talaga nangyari sa CDO. so tragic!

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  8. Prayers for you and your family during these trying times.

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  9. Sining Factory

    Dec 20. 2011

    This is really sad. Got friends and family in CDO, glad that they are ok. But I was sad because a lot was battered by typhoon Sendong. Prayers to the victims!

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