12/18: XU Volunteer for Typhoon Sendong Victims

After the Typhoon Sendong has struck CDO last 12/16, no one can’t stop anymore the viral posts, photos and statuses regarding it at Facebook. Well, that’s good news. At least now Facebook has been used for something worthy and not just mere posting of photos for laughs.


But what really caught my attention days after the Typhoon Sendong, is this:

Guys we need a lot of nursing student volunteers.. Xavier covered courts is now used as a relocation site for victim families. The med students are now there and they are in need of SN to assist & take VS of patients. Its a 24 hour service so we’ll do reshuffling. Pls be in the campusif possible now. Or the earliest time you can. They need of help. Pls bring ur CHN Bags and VS kit. Wear any bxta mka abot skul asap. Pls bring nsg friends. Ang mga nka dorm if dghan nsg students dha pls inform dm all & proceed directly to the courts. We need a lot of man power. Pls asap. Pls info disseminate to all nsg students . Thanks they need our help. Please

As a nurse, I do not want to stay home worthless right? When the rest of the people out there crying for help. So, I went out brought my bp app with stet to lend a hand. Below, is a picture taken at our XU covered courts.

Help CDO Sendong victims

Help CDO


For this day, I am with another group of people. If I went out alone during 12/18, today I am with my nursing batchmates planning out for the next day’s agenda to help our fellow batchmates affected by the Typhoon Sendong.

It’s always a good thing that in good times and in bad times, our batch has remained intact no matter what. In drinking times, happy times and now “a no-drinking times”(since water supply is not back yet), we still make time to meet, plan and make actions just like the good old school times during case presentations and other presentations.

We also use the chance to talk each and every event that had happened from the past few days even months not seeing each other. But of course, Typhoon Sendong tops them all. And I am shocked with all the stories shared during the meeting and planning.

  • The NLE Butuan takers having their in-house review in Peak who experienced a very traumatic life-after death situation during the Typhoon Sendong.
  • Our batchmate who became a superhero who saved almost everyone in the family.
  • Events that you can say “Everything really happens for a reason” because if the overnight push through, he/she should have lost his/her mother. (something like that)
  • The overall traumatic situation experienced by NLE takers affected by the Typhoon Sendong who never really got focus during the exam. And the NLE takers outnumbered by the vacant seats in the room. Such a sad experience for them.
  • Thoughts “like last year during the NLE board exam, a tragedy also happened and today, the Typhoon Sendong” and question such as why?

After a sad and heart-breaking conversation, we have finalized the list of our batchmates affected by the Typhoon Sendong and the plan as well.

What: XU Batch 13 Sendong Operation (for our fellow batchmates affected by the storm)
When: December 20, 2011; 9am onwards (keep posted for final time)
4pm distribution of water and others door to door (nai truck para ana c/o Pae
Where: Park Cafe Divisiria
What to wear: Rugged (kai manglimpyo ta and other stuffs)

Things to bring and to do:

Water containers – distribution of water c/o Amba for the “salod”=)
Dry Clothes
Other Donations (things not mentioned above)
Money – for other gastos
Cleaning materials especially Pala – para sa lapok


The proper Typhoon Sendong help operation. Unfortunately, something came up and I was not able to be with the group. But the picture below shows that our plan really came out successful.

Typhoon Sendong Help

Typhoon Sendong Help

Batch 13 Relief Drive was a SUCCESS! Thank you to all who supported. Even in our busy lives, we still have each other’s backs! 🙂 ~XU batch 13


Author: nursegermz

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  1. Adam Pulesanderu

    Jan 04. 2012

    In other words, it†s four more examples of what Steve Moore does better than anyone since the above mentioned pioneers.

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  2. Wendie Cuther

    Dec 29. 2011

    Just desired to write and question where you got your template? I’m looking for one for my new wordpress blog and really like yours. Thanks.

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    • nursegermz

      Dec 29. 2011

      My theme is Elegant Grunge by Michael Tyson.hehe Thanks. You can check out the rest of the themes at your dashboard under Appearance or just type in my theme…

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  3. Joy Lawson

    Dec 21. 2011

    good job Xavier Nursing or (RNs) Batch 2010! you did a very exemplary work for the people of Cagaya de Oro. Keep it up…

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