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As I have formally introduced myself, I am a nurse turned blogger out from nowhere. Unemployment was the key to my motivation until I finally got employed as an online article writer. I guess that qualifies me to be called as “Freelance Article Writer.”

But because part of me still want to work as a Nurse, I kind of partially dumped my full time article writing job to slowly get back into pieces as a nurse.

So the other part of it, I am open for freelance jobs and offer freelance services:

  1. Article Writing Jobs (I can finish 10 articles and more and termed as the fastest writer among those who asked me to write)
  2. Designing (logo design, watermark, facebook timeline coverphoto) You can check out my fb profile for the sample and the graphics found in this site.
  3. eBook creations

As a blogger on the other hand, I am also open for:

  1. Giveaway hosting (if and only related to nursing niche. i can promote it here)
  2. Nursing Product reviews
  3. Ads (like Firmoo glasses at the sidebar)
  4. Partner a particular cause event intended for nursing (I am willing to do that)

But if you just have some updates regarding nursing, you can freely post it here.

Contact me at: Facebook Page | Facebook Personal Account | email:

Let's keep touching every nurses out there by leaving some comments. ~nursegermz

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Nurse Germz
This blog is definitely my real-life career journey that started way back 2011, the same year I became a Registered Nurse in the Philippines. All throughout I've been shifting jobs from time to time being a nurse and an online job worker. My big break came when I've finally decided to specialize in Nephrology Nursing. Now, I am certified in my field, in charge of a Hemodialysis unit and at the same time, a USRN holder.

A Day in the Life of Nephrology Nurse | Philippines

Nurse Germz