3 Things Why You Should Review for NCLEX at Techno Intellect Review Center, Cagayan de Oro

Finding the best review center that matches one’s special needs is probably the most challenging one in the NCLEX journey but below are three things as to how Techno Intellect Review Center can help ease the problem. Techno Intellect is the Only Review Center in Cagayan de Oro that Offers Intensive NCLEX Review Classes Yup, […]

Nurse Germz
This blog is definitely my real-life career journey that started way back 2011, the same year I became a Registered Nurse in the Philippines. All throughout I've been shifting jobs from time to time being a nurse and an online job worker. My big break came when I've finally decided to specialize in Nephrology Nursing. Now, I am certified in my field, in charge of a Hemodialysis unit and at the same time, a USRN holder.

A Day in the Life of Nephrology Nurse | Philippines

Nurse Germz