As A Nurse, How Flexible Can You Be?

With the type of job we have, flexibility is not something like a skill we should learn for. It is already a talent born in us, the time we took up the nursing course. Try to throw in some job and tasks; we can give you more because we are flexible. We can make room for almost anything.
But that is where exactly the problem is. Being a flexible nurse can sometimes lead us to somewhere else until we figure out that we have lost our way already.

Though there are different types of nurses ranging from being a nurse educator, nurse entrepreneur, nurse researcher and many more, the typical you with the white uniform in a hospital is always the best description for a nurse. But unless your current as-if-related-nurse job provides great contributions in the nursing industry, you are just the person with a nurse license.

So how about the dozens of job hiring entitled with “REGISTERED NURSE” that are scattering? Some may assign you at a call center company with a health account or department. Others give you your own office at a company handling you with some paperwork since you aren’t getting any patients yet. So what are you? What am I?

Here is my picture at the outskirts of nowhere providing lectures and doing consultations as a medical provider.

Community Nurse, Flexible Nurse

Nurse Educator or Community Nurse or Both?

Community Nurse, Flexible Nurse

Nurse Educator or Community Nurse or Both?

From what I do, I am a nurse educator and at the same time, a community health nurse. How about you? How flexible can you be?

Author: Germeline Nabua

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  1. lily

    Aug 03. 2012

    better take what’s laid before our eyes. hehe. kaysa volunteer. :p

    Goodnight Nursing muna. 🙂

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